(October 8, 2019) – Earlier this year, the City Council unanimously approved legislation Mike wrote, calling for the formation of a multi-agency working group led by the Los Angeles Fire Department to address the unique challenges of places where homes and businesses are located next to canyons and open spaces areas that are increasingly susceptible to brushfires as the changing climate makes wildfires more frequent and intense.

Mike’s legislation called for experts to look at things like street width requirements, “red flag” parking restrictions, the effectiveness of emergency alert systems and evacuation plans, shelter-in-place procedures, the suitability/survivability of designated evacuation sites, safe refuge and evacuation locations for animals – including horses, current building codes and standards, and the need for stricter enforcement of construction activities on narrow roads.

Concerned that the report produced as a result of this motion falls short of the comprehensive planning and coordination the City needs, Mike and his colleagues David Ryu and Paul Koretz – who also represent hillside areas – penned a letter to Public Safety Committee chair, Monica Rodriguez, asking for the committee to direct a more comprehensive report be completed.

Read the letter Mike and his colleagues sent to Councilmember Rodriguez below.

Letter_To Rodriguez Re WUI_10_7_19