Los Angeles, CA– The Los Angeles City Council today voted unanimously to oppose SB-827, a state bill that would severely limit local control over land use and zoning. Councilmember Mike Bonin issued the following statement:

“The bill is a dramatic overreach in an attempt to get cities to approve much-needed housing. It would run roughshod over neighborhoods and put gentrification on steroids. That’s why it is opposed by a huge and broad coalition of groups, including the Sierra Club, the Coalition for Economic Survival, ACT LA: Alliance for Community Transit Los Angeles, Investing in Place, Move LA, L.A. Voice Community Coalition and many, many others.

This is a bad bill — and our current system of spot zoning, real estate speculation, gentrification, and escalating rents is hardly better. At the state level, we need Sacramento to reform the Ellis Act and repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act. At the local level, we need inclusive zoning, more tenant protections, and updated community plans that make room for our population and our inevitable population growth. Until we seriously address our housing crisis – especially our affordable housing crisis – Sacramento will continue to try to take away local control. If you care about this bill, you need to contact your state legislators: http://www.legislature.ca.gov/.”