December 10, 2020 – Statement from Mike:

“Getting our kids back in school, for in-person learning, is an urgent imperative. Even the best remote learning programs lack the academic, social and psychological benefits of being in a classroom, with fellow students and a teacher. 

“That’s why I have joined with a statewide coalition of education activists, medical professionals, and elected officials to urge Governor Newsom and public health officials to prioritize providing teachers and school support staff with COVID-19 vaccines so that we can safely reopen schools and get students back into the classroom quickly.

“During this pandemic, the needs of our children have too often been pushed aside. It has been a huge moral failing and a betrayal of low-income children, particularly kids of color. Prioritizing teachers and school support staff for vaccinations is how we begin to put our schools and our children first, and how we begin to right this wrong.

“Thank you to my colleague, Council President Nury Martinez, for joining me in a resolution that would put the City of Los Angeles on the record in favor of a public health response to prioritizes making our schools safe for students, teachers and staff to return.”

Check out the full press release below.


*** PRESS RELEASE **** Supervisor Ronen, Education Advocates, and California Elected Officials Urge Governor Newsom to Prioritize Public School Educators for COVID-19 Vaccine Access 2