Bonin Announces New Off-Leash Park for Dogs in Del Rey


DEL REY – Residents of Del Rey have been clamoring or an off-leash dog park for their pets — and Councilmember Mike Bonin and the Del Rey Neighborhood Council are delivering.

Bonin announced today that he has identified funding and the Department of Recreation & Parks is poised to move forward with an off-leash dog area at Glen Alla Park at Alla Road and Glencoe Avenue. The new off-leash dog park will repurpose areas of the existing park and include areas for both large dogs and smaller or more timid dogs, as well as benches, dog hydrating stations, trees, permeable pavement and dog waste dispensers. The new fenced-in area will incorporate design input from neighbors in Del Rey, preserve the playground and picnic areas, and will not affect the weekly Del Rey Farmers Market held at the park.

“The new Glen Alla Dog Park is coming to the neighborhood because of true community collaboration,” said Bonin. “Neighbors has been clamoring for a dog park for years, and working with the great leadership of the Del Rey Neighborhood Council, we are going to make it happen.”

Neighbors have been pushing for a dog park at the site for more than a decade, and the idea got a big boost from the Del Rey Neighborhood Council, which asked for Bonin’s help a couple years ago and began building additional grassroots support. In August, the Glen Alla Park Advisory Board voted to support the idea. The Del Rey Neighborhood Council and Del Rey Residents Association each voted to formally support the idea and the proposed design earlier this month. Bonin helped identify the funding and pushed the Department of Recreation & Parks to move forward. The Recreation & Parks Commission will formally consider the proposal in December, and construction is expected to start in February. The department expects the dog park will open in late summer.

“This dog park will be a testament to what can happen when neighbors work together to create the community they want for their families, and for future generations,” Bonin added.

“This is a win for everyone,” said Matt Wersinger, Chair of the Del Rey Neighborhood Council Planning and Land Use Committee and member of the Glen Alla Park Community Park Advisory Board. “The community will see an investment of funds allocated from recent developments in the area; our children will have a safer place to play; and dogs will have a much needed, legal and properly-designed area. The Del Rey Neighborhood Council has been proud to lead the way on this issue and work alongside the Department of Recreation and Parks and Councilmember Bonin to make this a reality.”

In addition to applauding the addition of a dog park, neighbors also welcome the renovations the addition of the dog park will bring to Glen Alla Park.

“Glen Alla Park is a much needed open and green space in our community, so I am very excited about the planned renovations,” added Melissa Aczon, who lives near Glen Alla Park. “I think that the changes will open up areas of the park that have long been underutilized, and will create a safer and more welcoming gathering and recreation place for members of our community.”

“I think it’s great that we are building a dog park at Glen Alla Park,” said Del Rey neighbor Keith Jeffries. “My grandkids were almost bit by dogs last summer, so a dog park will not only create a space for man’s best friend and their owners, but it would also create a safe place for kids and families to enjoy the park as well.”

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