An update from Mike:

“To help small businesses survive this pandemic-fueled recession, we need to cut the red tape and think differently. That’s why today I proposed to let more restaurants use sidewalk or street space for outdoor dining, and to make it easier and less expensive for fitness professionals and yoga instructors to hold classes in public parks.

“It might be a while before sit-down service returns to restaurants, and even longer before gyms or fitness centers open, so I am urging city agencies to plan ahead for ways to make it easier for our entrepreneurs, their employees, and their customers.  Once we emerge from Safer at Home orders, we are still going to need to follow physical distancing rules for a while. Many things that we used to do indoors might need to expand outdoors, and that means we need to do a better job managing and sharing our public spaces.

“We’re asking various city agencies to develop simple, streamlined plans to that allow more dining and fitness classes in public spaces while still preserving a public right of way.”

You can read the proposals below.

COVID Street Dining Motion - May 2020
Motion to Assist Small Business by Opening up Parks