Westchester began as an agricultural area in the early 20th century.  In the 1930s the area transitioned into a residential community resulting from the rapid development of the aerospace industry at LAX, known at the time as Mines Field.  Today Westchester is home to some 48,000 residents.  Approximately 50% of the local housing stock consists of single-family detached homes, most of which are modestly sized on small lots.  Westchester is also home to a number business and commercial districts along its main arteries of Lincoln Boulevard, Sepulveda Boulevard and Manchester Avenue.  Loyola Marymount University and Otis College, both well-respected institutions of higher learning, are also located within the area.

Mike’s Work in Westchester

LAX:  Modernization Yes, Expansion No!

  • Mike brokered a hugely important settlement between neighbors and Los Angeles World Airports that allows modernization at LAX to move forward – without moving the north runway closer to homes in Westchester!
  • Mike killed efforts to move the runways north, replacing the unpopular plan with neighborhood-supported initiatives to improve airfield safety.
  • Mike successfully pushed for a comprehensive ground transportation plan for LAX, including the creation of elevated tram around the airport, connecting with Metro rail, bus lines, and a new Consolidated Rental Car Center.

Public Safety

  • Mike successfully led the fight for redeployment of hundreds of LAPD officers to neighborhoods patrols — including dozens to Westside neighborhoods — so they can better protect neighborhoods and build relationships with communities.
  • Mike pushed for hiring more firefighters and has delivered more than $60 million in additional LAFD resources for the Westside.
  • Mike secured a new Rescue Ambulance for Fire Station 5 in Westchester
  • Mike secured two new EMTs to decrease call response times in the neighborhood.
  • Mike added LAFD nurse practitioners to the LAX area,


  • Mike fought for and won a meaningful connection between LAX and Metro rail, which will take cars off the road of Westchester as more people use the convenient alternative to driving to the airport.
  • Mike helped get the Crenshaw transit line extended to Aviation.
  • Mike won approval and funding for a new LADOT Commuter Express Line from Westchester and Playa Vista to downtown LA.
  • Mike worked with Bureau of Street Services to complete major street repaving projects including:
    • La Tijera Blvd east of the 405 Freeway.
    • Imperial Highway from Vista del Mar to Sepulveda Blvd.
    • Bus pads on Manchester and Emerson.
  • Mike successfully installed left turn signals at 76th Street, 77th Street and Sepulveda Boulevard.
  • Mike worked with neighbors to post signs intended to prevent cut-through traffic in Osage and Westport Heights.
  • Mike proposed the creation of a “transportation management organization” at LAX to explore alternative transit options to alleviate airport traffic congestion for nearby residents.


  • Mike forced LAX to downsize the zoning for the 300 acre property just north of the airport, replacing what would have been massive, traffic-generating development with what will be passive park space, new athletic fields, a beautiful walkway to trails near the beach, neighborhood-serving retail, as well as some creative office space.
  • Mike vetoed the massive Paseo Marina development, which would have further choked traffic on Lincoln Boulevard.
  • Mike placed fees on development to pay for affordable housing, improved park space, and neighborhood transportation projects.


  • Mike worked closely with LAWA, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Mayor Eric Garcetti to focus services on the Manchester Square area and connect dozens of homeless people in the area with services and housing.
  • Mike worked with the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa to approve a Safe Parking Program for the parking lot at the Westchester Municipal Building.

Community Building

  • Mike helped secure the relocation of the Westchester Farmers Market to the Westchester District office parking lot.
  • Mike worked with neighbors and LAWA to save community use at Carl Nielsen Park.
  • Mike secured funding for the refurbishment of the Kentwood Players Theater House- an important community organization.
  • Mike co-sponsored the Westchester Arts & Music Festival.

Neighborhood Improvements

  • Mike pushed for the Sepulveda Streetscape Improvement Project, repairing sidewalks and adding new trees to an important corridor in the neighborhood.
  • Mike helped create The Kittyhawk Green Walkway – water collection and quality improvement project in Nielsen Field area.
  • Mike worked closely with the LADWP to oversee the Scattergood-Olympic Transmission Line Cable A project resulting in an improved and more reliable power grid source for the neighborhood and city at large.
  • Mike worked with LADOT to secure a Preferential Parking District in a critical section of the Westchester neighborhood that experienced high amounts of airport traffic.
  • Mike secured funding for the refurbishment of the Kentwood Players Theater House.
  • Mike fought for funding for Westchester Park upgrades including, security cameras, a tennis court facility remodel, electronic welcome sign, parking lot repaving, and additional landscaping.
  • Mike approved an LAX Sign District, which will allow LAX to do advertising in the terminals – in exchange for removing dozens of billboards in the Westchester area.


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