Originally home to ancestors of the Gabrielino Tongva Native Americans, and then to European settlers in the mid-1700s, the marshlands of Playa Vista have a long history.  Like many of Los Angeles’ communities, the area was once the site of agriculture and dairy farms.  It later transformed into a major hub of the then-thriving Southern California aircraft industry, serving as the headquarters of the Howard Hughes Aircraft Company from the 1940s to the 1980s (it was on this site where Hughes constructed his famous Spruce Goose aircraft).  Today, Playa Vista contains a mix of residential, business and commercial developments, while maintaining a large amount of open space and parks.  The restored Ballona Freshwater Marsh treats urban runoff from Playa Vista and is home to some breathtaking natural beauty.  The area is also located within a mile of the ocean and in close proximity to many Westside attractions.

Mike’s Work in Playa Vista

Public Safety

  • Mike successfully led the fight for redeployment of hundreds of LAPD officers to neighborhoods patrols — including dozens to Westside neighborhoods — so they can better protect neighborhoods and build relationships with communities.
  • Mike pushed for hiring more firefighters, and has delivered more than $60 million in additional LAFD resources for the Westside.
  • Mike secured a new rescue ambulance for Fire Station 62, enhancing critical emergency services in the neighborhood.
  • Mike secured special transponders for our local fire engines, allowing them to have priority at traffic signals, improving response times.


  • Mike installed a new “rest-in-red” traffic signal at Bluff Creek Drive and Playa Vista Drive to discourage speeding on the key thoroughfare.
  • Mike won approval and funding for a new LADOT Commuter Express Line from Westchester and Playa Vista to downtown LA.
  • Mike launched Westside Fast Forward – an initiative focused on giving people options to get around LA without being forced to sit in traffic.
    • Westside Fast Forward includes a wide range of exciting progress, including the Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project – rail that will connect the San Fernando Valley with the Westside and then LAX. The project will be a game-changer for alleviating traffic on the Westside – especially in neighborhoods like Playa Vista.
      • The Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project is exploring an alignment that could bring the train underneath Centinela Boulevard, creating the possibility of convenient train stops in Playa Vista.

Development and Affordable Housing

  • Mike ensured that the developers of the community followed-through on the neighborhood-serving amenities and celebrated the opening of the new Cinemark Theaters, Whole Foods, and other great local shops for residents of Playa Vista to enjoy.
  • Mike secured funding and staffing for the Department of City Planning to launch an update of the community plan, allowing residents to have a greater voice in shaping modern land use, development, and housing policies in the neighborhood.

Community Building

  • Mike sponsored community screenings of movies in the park to give neighbors a fun, family-friendly way to enjoy Playa Vista
  • Mike partnered with a local Mom’s group to take quick action to get offensive and violent advertising removed from digital billboards in the community


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