Del Rey was established as an agricultural community in the 1800s, but slowly began to urbanize with the arrival of Hughes Aircraft in the 1940s.  With the area’s susceptibility to flooding eventually proving too problematic for the continued sustainability of agriculture,  today, Del Rey is primarily a residential community consisting largely of post-war bungalows, along with some apartment buildings; it also contains a small industrial area.  Although located in the City of Los Angeles, a large portion of Del Rey carries Culver City’s zip code of 90230, which is a common cause for confusion.  Del Rey is the most affordable and ethnically diverse community within Council District 11.  While predominantly Latino, Del Rey also contains large East Indian, Fijian, Hawaiian and Japanese communities.  Its Latino population is the largest on the Westside.

Mike’s Work in Del Rey

Public Safety

  • Mike successfully led the fight for redeployment of hundreds of LAPD officers to neighborhoods patrols — including dozens to Westside neighborhoods — so they can better protect neighborhoods and build relationships with communities.
  • Mike pushed for hiring more firefighters, and has delivered more than $60 million in additional LAFD resources for the Westside.
  • Mike secured a new rescue ambulance for Fire Station 62, enhancing critical emergency services in the neighborhood.
  • Mike secured special transponders for our local fire engines, allowing them to have priority at traffic signals, improving response times.
  • Mike secured GRYD (Gang Reduction and Youth Development) funding for programs in Del Rey in the 2016 budget
  • Mike stood with Del Rey neighbors to oppose state legislation that would have undermined local control over the placement of cell towers.
  • Mike secured a new rescue ambulance for Fire Station 62, enhancing critical emergency services in the neighborhood.

Transportation and Street Safety

  • Mike launched the LA Now “microtransit” pilot project — an on-demand neighborhood shuttle serving Mar Vista, Del Rey, Playa Vista, and Venice.
  • Mike launched Westside Fast Forward – an initiative focused on giving people options to get around LA without being forced to sit in traffic.
    • Westside Fast Forward includes a wide range of exciting progress, including the Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project – rail that will connect the San Fernando Valley with the Westside and then LAX. The project will be a game-changer for alleviating traffic on the Westside – especially in neighborhoods like Del Rey.
      • The Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project is exploring an alignment that could bring the train underneath Centinela Boulevard, creating the possibility of convenient train stops in Del Rey.
  • Mike fought for the funding and installation of a traffic signal at Culver and Slauson – an important safety improvement that will help keep people safe while walking to the nearby bus stop.
  • Mike delivered a series of pedestrian safety projects including crossings near Short Avenue Elementary, stop signs on Braddock Drive, pedestrian safety improvements on Centinela Avenue and crosswalks and upgraded curb ramps throughout the neighborhoods.
  • Worked with DWP to install lights over Slauson & Dawes Alley, improving pedestrian safety for neighbors
  • Installed new gutters, curbs, crosswalks along Maxella Avenue.

Sensible Development

  • Mike successfully pushed legislation to impose new fees on developers to pay for traffic relief projects, for affordable housing, and for park improvements.
  • Mike secured funding and staffing for the Department of City Planning to launch an update of the community plan, allowing residents to have a greater voice in shaping modern land use, development, and housing policies in the neighborhood.
  • Mike vetoed the massive Paseo Marina development, which would have further choked traffic on Lincoln Boulevard.

Community Improvements

  • Mike worked with neighbors to create the new Glen Alla Dog Park, which will offer neighbors safe places for both small and large dogs to play.
  • Mike partnered with the Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority to create Milton Park, adding new public open space in Del Rey along the Ballona Creek.
  • Mike expedited weeds clearance from the Inglewood Avenue median after a lapsed contract allowed the area to become overgrown.
  • Mike worked with local organizations to find neighborhood artists to create engaging and vibrant public art on public utility boxes throughout Del Rey.

Combatting Homelessness

  • Mike advocated for and voted to approve PATH Villas at Del Rey, which provides 23 units of supportive housing for the formerly homeless in Del Rey.
  • Mike worked with neighbors and won the neighborhood council’s support for Venice Community Housing’s Gateway Apartments, which now provides 20 units of supportive housing for the formerly homeless.
  • Mike has worked with neighbors and championed the opening of 1736 Family Crisis Center, a nonprofit shelter for domestic violence survivors, and runaway and homeless youth.

Community Building

  • Mike is the title sponsor for events hosted by community organizations that bring neighbors together, including:
    • The Del Rey’s Cinco De Mayo celebration at the Mar Vista Family Center,
    • Del Rey Health Day,
    • Del Rey Day and the Del Rey Day Spelling Bee, and
    • the Del Rey Cup and Resource Fair
  • Mike supported the successful approval of the relocation of Ocean Charter School to Del Rey.


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