Dear Friends,

Mar Vista is moving forward!

I’m pleased to unveil a package of announcements — about the downtown Mar Vista Great Streets project, and about a series of transportation and mobility improvements coming to Mar Vista.

You can learn about the next steps for the Great Streets project — and about new left-turn signals, speed humps, a neighborhood shuttle service, and a lot more in the video below.

Thank you for your partnership in making Mar Vista a great place to live, work and enjoy. It is an honor to serve you, and to call you neighbor.

Happy Holidays,



Venice Blvd Great Street On… by on Scribd

The report appendix, which includes the raw data that was obtained for analysis is downloadable here.

Moving Forward Mar Vista

During the Great Streets pilot period, LADOT conducted extensive monitoring of traffic patterns on neighborhood streets in Mar Vista. While traffic volumes have returned to pre-project levels on Venice Boulevard, LADOT’s monitoring has revealed ongoing patterns of neighborhood traffic intrusion. These trends are similar to what other neighborhoods are experiencing in the rest of the city due to navigation apps and a growing economy, but thanks to Great Streets’ focused attention on Mar Vista, LADOT traffic engineers have developed a plan for feasible neighborhood protections that can be implemented in the near future. Together with new mobility programs that will serve Mar Vista, these improvements will help protect the quality of life Mar Vistans deserve.

Components of Moving Forward Mar Vista:

    1. New stop signs on Victoria and Charnock — LADOT engineers have evaluated intersections along Victoria and Charnock and are recommending new stop signs at Victoria/Boise, Victoria/Colonial, Charnock/Ocean View, and Charnock/Mountain View. Victoria and Charnock are collector streets that are intended to provide access into the neighborhood, not a through route for commuters. These four new stop signs will reinforce the local-serving nature of these streets. (January 2019)
    1. Focused speed hump program for Mar Vista — LADOT’s citywide speed hump program is a highly competitive program with limited funding. CD11 will set aside dedicated funding for a targeted speed hump program for Mar Vista. Residents within the area bounded by Charnock, Victoria, Beethoven, Pacific, and Inglewood will be able to apply for this special program and receive expedited speed hump installation on streets that meet engineering criteria and petition requirements. (Application/Petition open now, until May 15)
    1. Easing right turns on Centinela — LADOT data shows a significant amount of neighborhood intrusion on Pacific, McCune, and Victoria is related to right turn delays on Centinela at Venice. By striping and extending right turn pockets, motorists will be encouraged to make their turns at the intersection, instead of cutting the corner via neighborhood streets during peak hours. (January 2019)
    1. Protected left turn signal at Centinela — Early during the Great Streets pilot period, LADOT installed double-left turn lanes on Venice to make turning movements flow more efficiently. To further optimize this operations at this intersection, LADOT will install a dedicated left turn phase for northbound Centinela. This will reduce the queue for left turning vehicles, which currently spills over into northbound through lanes, easing traffic flow and reducing the temptation for motorists to bypass this intersection via neighborhood streets. (Time TBD)
    1. Protected left turn signals at Wade — When Venice Blvd was built by Caltrans, most intersections lacked protected left turns, which is one of the most significant causes of fatal and severe injury collisions. The pilot project added left turn signals at Grand View, leaving Wade as the last intersection on the Great Street without left turn signals. Evaluation of Great Streets data confirms the need to implement protected left turn signals at Wade and LADOT will be expediting this improvement. (Spring 2019)
    1. LA Now Microtransit Pilot — In early spring, LADOT will be launching a new local mobility service in Mar Vista and nearby communities providing on-demand, point-to-point shuttle rides within the service area and to and from the Expo Line. Microtransit combines innovative mobile phone technology and dynamic trip routing software with public transit service. Users will be able to request a shared ride by mobile phone application, website, or phone call. Microtransit will provide a convenient and affordable alternative to driving and ride hailing, reducing congestion and providing new mobility to Mar Vistans. (Early Spring 2019)
  1. Metro Bike Share — Also in the spring, Metro will expand public bike share to Mar Vista and surrounding neighborhoods. Metro Bike Share is a fast, flexible, and fun alternative for local trips. (Spring 2019)