1.    To create a functional Venicecentric casework collaborative, supportive of and integrated with the SPA 5 Coordinated Entry System (CES) and a Housing First philosophy, that rapidly moves the Venice homeless population into housing and supportive services.

  • image1.jpegRegular, structured, monthly Venice-focused case conference meetings with St Joseph Center, PATH, SPY, Teen Project, LAHSA, HACLA, Veterans Administration, LAPD, LAFD, Department of Mental Health, Chrysalis.
  • Development and management of 3 HOT Lists:
    • 1) 10 Most Vulnerable Chronically Homeless in Venice;
    • 2) 10 Most Vulnerable Homeless Veterans in Venice;
    • 3) 10 Community-Prioritized Homeless Residents of Venice.
  • Creation of a by-name registry of every homeless person in Venice.
  • Reduction of Overall Venice Homeless Population by 10% from the 2015 Homeless Count to the 2017 homeless count. 

2.    To create a network of willing community partners to support such a collaborative and secure additional resources, such as housing vouchers and affordable housing.

  • Monthly Venice Forward meetings to include Case Management Agencies reporting to the larger group on case management, and specific progress in, or hurdles/barriers to, housing the Venice homeless population.
  • Monthly Venice Forward meetings to include updates on proposed affordable housing projects or programs on the Westside, and brainstorm ideas to close gaps in funding and/or continuum of care.
  • Monthly Venice Forward meetings to include sharing of “success stories” by Venice Forward members.
  • Venice Forward members to organize community partners to sign on to Venice Forward and its goals.

3.   To share success stories publicly to create community awareness of progress and engage more people in problem solving.

  • image3.jpegOrganize and sponsor a Volunteer Appreciation Event for people who participated in the 2015 Homeless Count.
  • Establish a web page and social media presence to share success stories from different agencies.
  • Develop and promote a phone number and resource guide for the public to use to help connect homeless individuals to resources and housing, and ways for the public to get involved.