Reducing traffic by improving transportation options is one of Mike’s top priorities, and he is in great position to do just that. Mike was not only appointed as Chair of the Council’s Transportation committee and to the Metro Board of Directors, he was also elected Vice-Chair of the Expo Construction Authority. hit the nail on the head when it wrote: “For a man who took office less than three weeks ago, Bonin is now one of the most important people on transportation policy in the region.” Additionally, Mike has maintained his commitment to use public transportation, and he takes the Expo or 733 bus to work at least one day a week.

Mike is also leading the charge to finally connect LAX with Metro rail. Working with partners at LAWA, Metro and Mayor Garcetti’s office, Mike has advocated for Metro stops at the LAX Connect Intermodal Transportation Facility to finally allow for people to easily and conveniently take public transportation to the airport in Los Angeles.



Mike serves on the Metropolitan Transit Board of Directors, as the Vice-Chair of the MTA Expo Construction Authority and Chair of the Los Angeles City Council’s Transportation Committee.

Accomplishments and Progress