The 11th District is one of the most beautiful and popular pieces of geography in not just Los Angeles, but all of California. People are eager to live here, to work here, to play here — and to build and develop here. How the City manages, directs and handles growth and development pressure is what makes or breaks a neighborhood. How do we create healthy and vital neighborhoods?

This section of the website introduces you to Mike’s Planning Team, and explains how the planning and land use process works. It also provides planning and land use tools for community members and potential applicants. Our goal is encourage projects that are compatible with communities and that help neighborhoods achieve their goals.

Guiding Principles for Neighborhoods First Planning


Click here to read more about Mike’s “Guiding Principles for Neighborhoods First Planning.”



Click here to see a list of useful links and tools that will help you get engaged in the planning process.



Find out more about the planning process and how you can get involved here.

Planning Legislation


Click here to find out more about the legislation Mike has introduced to help put neighborhoods first in the planning and land use process in Los Angeles.