Mike is working to protect neighborhoods and fix the broken planning process in Los Angeles. He has championed reforms to the development process that hold developers accountable, improves transparency, and gives neighbors a greater say in the future of their communities. 

Some of Mike’s work to protect neighborhoods and reform the development process in Los Angeles includes: 

Development Reform

  • Co-authored legislation to take the preparation of environmental documents out of the hands of developers and into the hands of city-approved, unbiased experts.
  • Is leading the fight to create an enforcement unit in the Planning Department, so neighborhood protections and requirements for open space and affordable housing can be enforced.
  • Proposed an online “Development Conditions Database” to provide greater transparency for neighborhoods.
  • Successfully persuaded the state to reform its frequently abused “density bonus” rules, which were reducing affordable housing and harming neighborhoods.
  • Proposed and is fighting for “Clean Money” campaign finance reform, which will take developer and special interest money out of politics.

Smart Neighborhood Planning

  • Co-authored legislation to require the city to regularly update community plans—and stick with them, ending “spot zoning” and culture of speculation.
    • Two-thirds of the neighborhoods in CD11 are now undergoing the process to update community plans, including: 
      • West Los Angeles
      • Mar Vista/Del Rey/Palms
      • Venice
      • Westchester/Playa del Rey
  • Advocated for the Expo Transit Neighborhood Plan – an effort to update zoning rules to better incorporate the Expo Line into the neighborhoods and allow more housing where it is appropriate. 
  • Helped update land-use plans in Pacific Palisades to allow for Palisades Village and deliver the downtown revitalization neighborhoods had been clamoring for.
  • Stood with neighbors to oppose luxury condos in Playa del Rey, which would have violated the neighborhood’s specific plan. 
  • Downzoned 340-acres north of LAX to protect community use and add new neighborhood retail, ball fields, a dog park, and Paseo to Westchester and Playa del Rey
  • Venice LCP – Working with the Planning Department to adopt community-driven planning guidelines for the coastal zone in Venice
  • Required schools to REDUCE traffic – Sunset Traffic Solutions Plan will help reduce the number of cars on Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood as institutions modernize and innovate to create fewer vehicle trips. 

Ensuring Developers Invest in Communities

  • Supported new rules to increase fees on developers to fund more parks and open space.   
  • Linkage fee on developers – fought for a fee to be required of developers that will go toward financing the creation of affordable housing in Los Angeles 
  • Fees on developers to pay for traffic relief (mobility plan) – Won approval of a plan that allows fees on developers to be used to fund street safety efforts and traffic-busting alternatives to driving a car. 

Providing and Protecting Housing

  • METC – Won record-setting level of affordable housing in a development agreement for new multi-use development near Expo/Bundy train stop
  • Initiated an ordinance that would strengthen the City’s compliance with the state Mello Act, which protects and preserves affordable housing in the coastal zone.