BONIN2013_-_062.jpgThe 11th Council District is one-fifteenth of Los Angeles, but nearly 20% of all Planning issues considered by the City are found on the Westside. Putting neighborhoods first in Los Angeles is my priority when considering planning decisions, and though each unique community on the Westside has distinct qualities that don’t always adhere to a general template, there are basic guiding principles that help me determine if a development proposed for our district truly puts neighborhoods first. Please find a general overview of my “Guiding Principles for Neighborhoods First Planning” below.

– Mike

Guiding Principles for Neighborhoods First Planning

Neighborhoods first planning means…

  • Preserving and protecting low-density residential neighborhoods throughout the district.

  • Managing growth by steering appropriate density and development along corridors, near employment centers, in commercial centers, and near major transit hubs.

  • Promoting truly transit-oriented, and not just transit-adjacent, development by: incentivizing or requiring amenities that will facilitate transit use; encouraging urban design, landscaping, streetscape improvements and public benefits.

  • Protecting the environment by: reducing reliance on natural resources; by promoting innovative and creative design and sustainable building practices; and by promoting projects that exceed basic green building standards.

  • Encourage the growth of Los Angeles’ innovation economy by supporting Silicon Beach and the creation of cleantech and greentech jobs in designated technology innovation hubs.

  • Encouraging the development of affordable housing and promoting projects that result in a net increase of affordable housing units on a project site.