On Tuesday, January 21, Mike attended the Venice Neighborhood Council meeting to respond to increasingly misleading rumors and the resulting confusion about a voluntary winter storage program for homeless people in Venice (see Mike’s initial letter about the storage program here: www.11thdistrict.com/winterstorageletter).

Below, please find a video with Mike’s complete, unedited comments at the meeting.

UPDATE: Mike posted the following comment about the meeting to Facebook:

“Thanks so much to everyone who came to the Venice Neighborhood Council to hear the facts about the storage program in Venice. I deeply appreciate the attentiveness and courtesy amid so much confusion and misinformation. The interlinked issues of homelessness, public safety and neighborhood quality of life are powerful and emotional. But if we address those issues with rumor, misinformation, and hysteria, if we engage in name-calling, conspiracy theories, and questioning people’s motives, if we fail to appreciate other’s perspectives and turn disagreement into feud, we will solve nothing. Rancor leads to paralysis and inaction — and our neighborhoods deserve solutions.”