Mike has been one of LA’s strongest voices for urgent action to end the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. He was an advocate and an architect of the city’s comprehensive plan and fought to include quick and nimble solutions in the strategy.

Mike believes that in a crisis, controversy is better than inaction, and he is leading on implementation efforts in neighborhoods where relief is needed most. Ending homelessness is how we help neighborhoods and Mike has been recognized by the Los Angeles Times editorial board as a courageous leader, writing in 2018 “few have been as courageous in fighting for homeless housing as Bonin, who has championed several controversial projects.”

Some of Mike’s work to create affordable housing and end homelessness includes:

As a member of the Homelessness and Poverty committee, Mike was a key leader in drafting a Homelessness Strategy report that outlines the best practices for getting people off the streets and into homes.

  • Helped win support for HHH

Mike rallied neighborhood support to champion Proposition HHH, which is providing funding to build supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness. Mike hosted events to rally support for the effort and organized bus tours for neighbors to see affordable and supportive housing throughout the district to show how to fit into the character of the community.

Mike introduced legislation asking the City and LAHSA to explore the shared housing model as a viable solution to ending homelessness. He also sponsored a pilot program in Venice with SHARE – a shared housing company, to find housing for 15 people in the district, which he proposed that the City implement throughout the city.

  • Permanent supportive housing and motel conversion ordinances

Mike is a co-author of the legislation that seeks to streamline the process for building permanent supportive housing throughout LA, as well as an effort to encourage motel owners to convert underused rooms into supportive housing units. 

Mike wrote legislation that creates a sustainable source of funding for the city’s effort to support the creation of affordable housing in LA by charging a fee on new luxury development.

Mike has been leading the effort to maintain and protect the affordable housing stock in the coastal zone area of his district by introducing legislation to reform and strengthen the Mello Act, the local law that protects affordable housing in the coastal zone and make it harder for developers to reduce or eliminate affordable housing in Venice.

In an effort to protect the affordable housing stock and prevent landlords from operating rental properties like hotels, Mike and Council PresidentHerb Wesson proposed regulations for short-term rentals in Los Angeles, allowing people to share their homes, but stopping unscrupulous landlords from evicting people from affordable units to create rogue hotels.

Mike secured funding for the Safe Parking Program that operates at his district office parking lots in West LA and Westchester, as well as the Brentwood VA. Safe Parking programs allow people who are living out of their vehicles to park in a parking lot overnight, where they have access to restrooms and can safely sleep.

Mike advocated for the launch of  Lava Mae in Los Angeles – a mobile shower and restroom nonprofit that provides mobile showers to homeless people. He introduced a motion to bring more mobile showers to LA neighborhoods to give people living on the street access to basic hygienic services.

For more information about Mike’s efforts to create temporary bridge housing in Brentwood and Venice, please visit https://11thdistrict.com/a-bridge-home/.