Mike has been called an “environmental champion” by organizations like the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club – the largest grassroots environmental organization in the country. He has fought for clean air, clean water, and clean power. As a coastal representative, he has made keeping pollution out of the bay a priority, and he has become a passionate advocate for aggressive policies to stop the escalating impacts of climate change. 

Some of Mike’s work to protect our environment and keeping our neighborhoods great places to live includes: 


  • Prop O projects
  • Green Streets Infrastructure/Street Construction
  • Champions conversation and water recycling
  • Held Bureau of Sanitation accountable for debris spill in SM Bay
  • 100% Wastewater Recycling

Energy & Climate

  • Pushing for 100% clean energy from LADWP
  • Fracking moratorium
  • Pushing ban on oil and gas drilling near homes and schools
  • Opposition to Trump Admin efforts to drill for oil off the coast
  • Wants LA to sue oil companies for their knowing contributions to climate change
  • Proposed keeping LA in the Paris Climate Accords as Trump said he would drop out
  • Supports Green New Deal 
  • Helped stop repowering of gas plants in LA
  • Championing STAND-LA proposal to stop drilling in residential areas

Clean Air

  • Leading effort to electrify Metro and LADOT buses
  • Leader on mass transit and multi-modal transit

Open Space

  • Creating 47-acre park in Palisades
  • 50 acres of open space near LAX (Northside)
  • Stood with neighbors to stop a hotel from being built on sensitive Ballona Wetlands habitat 

Urban Forest

  • Fighting for urban forest master plan
  • championing more neighborhood trees
  • Fighting for better standards for tree-trimming contractors 
  • tree giveaways
  • winning stiffer penalties for developers who remove protected trees


  • Taking on Monsanto over Roundup pesticide in parks
  • Sponsored legislation to stop dangerous oil trains from traveling through LA


  • Championed sustainability efforts at the airport and pushed to make LAWA and industry leaders in running a clean and green airport