“The idea of ticketing people for jaywalking while the crosswalk countdown clock is going seems like government on your back, and not on your side. I introduced a motion with Jose Huizar today to take a serious look at LAPD enforcement of this rule,” Mike said.

“It defies common sense to ticket someone who is entering a crosswalk as the countdown begins when they have still have time to cross the street safely without disrupting traffic. We need to be and we will be a Vision Zero city, and pedestrian safety is paramount. But if we are going to be doing “crosswalk stings,” I want to be sure we are focusing on busting drivers who don’t yield to people in the crosswalk.

“Excessive and expensive tickets disincentive walking in Los Angeles. We want people to be safe, but we do not want ‘Do Not Walk’ to be the message we send Angelenos.”

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Read the motion below.