Lights Upgraded and Cameras Installed to Improve Security at Neighborhood Recreation Center

WESTCHESTER – More than 30 security cameras and being installed at Westchester Park and nearly 60 LED light fixtures are being upgraded with brighter, more energy-efficient LED bulbs as part of a park improvement initiative at Westchester Recreation Center, Councilmember Mike Bonin announced today.

“Westchester Recreation Center is home to a great playground, wonderful open fields and fantastic amenities for neighbors to enjoy, but there is always more we can do to ensure people feel safe as they enjoy the park,” said Bonin. “I’m grateful for the work of the Park Advisory Board, Recreation and Parks staff, as well as our LAPD Pacific Division Officers, who are partnering with my office to make Westchester Recreation Center safer, more fun and even more inviting for families throughout Westchester to enjoy.”

Westchester_Camera_Install.jpgInstallation of the foundations, underground conduits and power setups needed for the new lights and cameras began in mid-August, and the installation is scheduled to be completed by October. In total, 31 new security cameras will be installed, which will be monitored by Recreation and Parks staff. Once the cameras are operational, signs will be posted in the park to notify people that they are on camera.

“Having cameras in the park will send a clear signal to anyone who would consider criminal activity that they will be very easily caught if they try to break the law,” said Bonin. “This is a simple way to make people who use the park feel more safe.”

In addition to the security upgrades, park patrons will soon enjoy walkway improvements and concrete repairs throughout the park, including new disabled access at the Westchester Senior Center and repairs at the park’s tennis courts. The park improvement initiative was paid for through an allocation of $450,000 in Quimby fund development fees and was originally requested through staff and community recommendations.

“This most recent in a continuing series of improvements is very exciting news for the community,” said Park Advisory Board President Scott Carni. “Westchester Park is a safe, fun gathering place for our families, and our Park Advisory Board is always working to make the park better, safer, and more fun.”

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