“I’ve worked to bring City Hall to the Westside because distance should not be a barrier to residents’ access to a transparent local government.”

-Mike Bonin

Mike’s “Access 11” initiative utilizes direct personal outreach and technology to ensure that city government is accessible to residents and neighbors so they can make their voices heard.

Neighborhood Office Hours

Mike holds regular open office hours on weekends and evenings at Farmer’s Markets, local fire or police stations, senior centers, libraries or neighborhood shops, making civic engagement convenient for members of working families.

Neighborhood Service Fairs

Mike partners with local neighborhood councils to hold “Service Fairs” with city departments responsible for maintaining our streets, parks, and public safety.

Hikes with Mike

Mike invites neighbors to join him for informal discussions during hikes throughout some of the district’s precious natural resources, such as the Santa Monica Mountains or the Ballona Wetlands.

Neighborhood Coffees

Mike understands that real discussions rarely happen in government offices.  He holds neighborhood “coffees” in backyards and living rooms to hear from residents concerns and issues and before they become problems and crises.  

Going Door to Door

Mike has gone door to door to meet with constituents. He and his staff invite volunteers and neighborhood leaders to join him in engaging new people into community activism. 

Internet Testimony


Mike supports the use of simple, free technology, like Skype or Facetime, to allow residents to testify at city hearings from work or the comfort of home.  He makes it easier to testify so people don’t take a day off work, fight traffic or spend half a day at City Hall to be heard. 

Virtual Town Halls


Mike hosts Town Halls throughout the district on important topics, but he also makes it easy to participate remotely.  He livestreams Town Halls and uses technology like Google Moderator to make sure people can participate.

For more information about “Access 11,” please contact District Director Debbie Dyner Harris at 310-575-8461 and check out the Upcoming Events page to see when the next Access 11 event is coming to your community.