Read the Homes Guarantee LA introduction press release here!

What is the Homes Guarantee? 

The Homes Guarantee is a plan to ensure every person in the United States has safe, accessible, sustainable, and permanently-affordable housing. The National Homes Guarantee plan focuses on creating new social housing, reinvesting in existing public housing, protecting renters and bank tenants, repairing centuries of racist housing policies; and ending real estate speculation and de-commodifying housing. 

What is Homes Guarantee LA? 

Homes Guarantee LA is a series of proposals that are intended to lay the foundation for a local version of the “Homes Guarantee.” Homes Guarantee LA proposals build on additional efforts by Bonin and several of his colleagues to confront the affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles, and mirrors grassroots and legislative efforts to do so across the country.

What other efforts are part of Homes Guarantee LA?

Homes Guarantee LA additionally incorporates proposals Councilmember Bonin has previously championed to address the affordable housing crisis:

  • An “empty homes” penalty (co-sponsored by Councilmembers Marqueece Harris-Dawson and David Ryu); and
  • The closing of loopholes in city rules governing affordable housing in the coastal zone; and
  • A clampdown on evictions due to condo conversions.

Homes Guarantee LA also builds on efforts by Bonin’s colleagues, such as:

  • Anti-tenant harassment rules,
  • A measure prohibiting discrimination against people with housing vouchers (Councilmember Paul Krekorian),
  • A right to counsel for people facing eviction (Councilmember Paul Koretz);
  • Inclusionary zoning (Councilmember Gil Cedillo);
  • A linkage fee (Councilmember Herb Wesson); a
  • A halt to no-fault eviction and predatory rent hikes (Council President Nury Martinez, Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, Councilmember Curren Price); and
  • Value capture (O’Farrell).

Who is supporting the Homes Guarantee LA? 

The Homes Guarantee LA effort is was started by grassroots community leaders and is supported by a broad coalition of grassroots housing advocates and activists in Los Angeles, including People Organized for Westside Renewal, ACT-LA, LAForward, LA Voice, Unite HERE Local 11, the Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing, Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, and more. 

What does the Homes Guarantee have to do with the Green New Deal? 

The Homes Guarantee and Green New Deal are inexorably linked, and on February 12, 2020, Councilmember Bonin proposed that Los Angeles support Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal for Public Housing Act.” Understanding the connection between climate change and housing is important because not only will climate change exacerbate the housing crisis by damaging homes and displacing people, placing further demand on housing supply in LA, but there is a tremendous opportunity to upgrade and retrofit existing buildings to reduce climate pollution as more housing is created.  

Homes Guarantee LA: Ending the homelessness and housing crises in Los Angeles by creating and preserving affordable housing and better protecting tenants.

UPDATE: Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic

(June 2020) – During the last recession, families lost their homes, real estate speculators gobbled up residential neighborhoods, and homelessness spiked. We can’t let that happen again.

As we navigate our current crisis, we need to build the foundation of a Los Angeles where no one loses their home, and everyone has a home. We should acquire vacant properties for mixed-income housing with affordable rents for teachers, nurses, grocery workers, restaurant workers, retail employees, students and gig workers.

We should prevent gentrification by helping renters and homeowners stay afloat and keep their homes. We should purchase hotels and motels for longterm housing for people experiencing homelessness. This can be done with federal stimulus funds.

We can emerge from this crisis as a city where our seniors don’t fear eviction, where our kids can afford to live in the neighborhood where they grew up, where no one fears losing their home or property, and where no one is forced to lay their head on the pavement each night. Watch this video to learn more about how we can have a #HomesGuaranteeLA.