Alek Bartrosouf is the Mobility Deputy for Council District 11.  Alek received a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from UC Los Angeles and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz.  

Prior to joining the CD 11 team, Alek was a Planning Associate at the Southern California Association of Governments.  He worked on the Go Human campaign, working directly with local cities to implement demonstration projects and growing support for active transportation improvements.  Alek has also served on the City of Glendale’s Transportation and Parking Commission and was the campaign manager for a Glendale council candidate.  His focus has been street safety, particularly for vulnerable users.  

Alek enjoys volunteering at the community gardens he started in Glendale.  Now over ten years ago his community garden was the first in the state to use reclaimed water.  He also founded the Coalition for a Green Glendale, a community group raising awareness to environmental issues at the local level.  Alek helped adopt Glendale’s plastic bag ordinance and Greener Glendale Plan.  

When Alek isn’t on the streets of CD 11 scoping out exciting new projects, he’s most likely playing dodgeball, traveling, or dog-sitting for friends.  

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