Thousands of people living in encampments in neighborhoods all around Los Angeles is unacceptable and wrong. 

And during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all seeing homelessness increasing and encampments growing. 

It does not have to be this way. Mike has been fighting  – in some cases for years – for different strategies to deal with this crisis. There are many things we can be doing to make faster and less costly progress.

Here are 10 things Mike has been fighting for that we still need to do.

Find Out More About Each Effort:

Part 1: Encampment to Home

Part 2: Shared Housing

Part 3: Master Leasing

Part 4: Matching Affordable Housing with the Coordinated Entry System

Part 5: Housing Newly Homeless People

Part 6: Use Vacant Hotel Rooms to House People

Part 7: Microtargeted Outreach

Part 8: Multidisciplinary Outreach Teams

Part 9: Safe Camping

Part 10: Commission on Lived Experience